2020 Cyber Security Trends: Is Your Business Prepared?

Jonesen TeamIndustry Insights

You think it won’t happen to you until it does. Hackers broke into your data servers and stole important information!

If you’ve been the victim of cybercrime, you’re not alone. Recent research found that cybercrimes accounted for about 2 trillion dollars in losses for businesses in 2019.

Hackers often change their tactics. So, you need to know what the criminals know to keep one step ahead of them!

We put together a quick overview of some of the top cyber security trends to watch in 2020. Keep reading to find out which security issues you should focus on right now!

Data Breaches Still the Top Threat

One of the most important things to know right now is one of the top trends in cyber security remains data breaches. Hackers want any personal information your company stockpiles. The personal data of your clients and employees are very valuable to criminals.

Keeping your company data becomes more important if you sell products on your website. Consumers want to know their credit card information won’t get stolen or misused if they do business with you. They need assurance that they’re protected from cybercrimes too!

You can hire a company that offers digital security solutions to help protect your company’s website from hackers. Then you can tell your customers that their information is safe and secure!

Cyber Security Automation and Integration

The push to increase efficiency and productivity means than many companies choose to automate their processes. That integration and automation leaves room for vulnerabilities in the system and leaves your company at risk.

A good way to mitigate those security risks is to incorporate web security into the processes. Consider using a website security checklist whenever you add more automation or integrate another system.

Mobile Devices and Cyber Security Trends

Everyone uses a smartphone, a tablet, or both every single day! Analysts predict that mobile apps alone could generate about $189 billion in revenue by the end of 2020! But, hackers can get into a mobile device easier than a full-size computer.

Mobile compatible website interfaces can also get attacked by cybercriminals. If your customers can buy things on their mobile devices, you need to make sure the mobile interface is as secure as the main website!

If your employees have access to company information on their mobile devices, hackers could get into those devices and steal your valuable company data! Be extra sure your company mobile devices have top-notch security software installed and updated on a regular basis.

A Good Offense Is the Best Defense

Not everyone knows about cyber security trends and how to stop hackers in their tracks before they get what they came for. Instead of leaving your company vulnerable to cybercrimes, why not hire professional protection? It’s like hiring security guards for your online data and website!

We hope you enjoyed reading this article and that you learned some important trends in cyber security. If you have any questions about web security or if you’re looking for a great company to help with your digital security, contact us today!